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What is cross country?

What is cross country?

Cross country is a team sport that tallies each teams’ first five runners according to their finishing place in a 2 - 3.1 mile race.  Low score wins!  The race course is run over a variety of surfaces such as dirt, grass, and asphalt.   There are creeks to jump and hills to climb!.

Who should join cross country?

Everyone can join!  The average freshman boy has a mile time between 5:45-8:00 minutes.  The average freshman girl has a mile time between 6:30-9:00 minutes.  All levels and abilities are welcome.

Is it too late to join?

No, it is never too late to join!  New runners will be signing up for cross country for the first few weeks of school.

How do I join?.

1. Get a physical form from the athletic office and see a doctor.  This form must be completed each school year.  You may not participate until a physical form is on file with the athletic director.  

2. Complete an emergency form and return it to your coach.

How far do cross country athletes run?

First year runners run about 2 - 4 miles a day about 5 - 6 days per week.  Mileage increases or decreases depending upon the individual needs of each athlete.

What if I have a conflict with practice or a race?

No, problem!  Just let the coach know your scheduling issues ahead of time.

When, where, and how long is practice?

Practice is from 3:05-4:30 (4:45) pm Monday – Friday at Wayne High School. Saturday practice is at 8:30 am at various sites in the community. Ask coach for more details.

Team Philosophy

Our first goal is to have FUN!  How do runners have fun?  Team meals, team movie night, pizza night, Cedar Point trip, Ohio Caverns trip, friendships,, being super fit, and more…

Our second goal is to succeed as a team.  This is achieved when every team member is accountable and positive every day, which demonstrates our commitment and dedication to each other.

Our third goal is to succeed on a personal level.  This is achieved by doing the best with what you got each day.  Runners that develop this type of thinking have no limits for what they can achieve.

Additional Information

For additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Coach Baker at:

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