Huber Heights

Softball 2013 Varsity Schedule


Pre-Season- Saturday,  Mar. 23: DH @ West Carrollton,   WEST CARROLLTON HS    - 9:00 AM


Saturday, Mar. 30:  DH @ Greenville HS,    Greenville High School - 11:00AM

Thursday, Apr. 04:@ Carroll HS,    Carroll High School  - 5:00PM

Monday,   Apr. 08: Centerville HS,    @ Studebaker Field-  5:00PM

Tuesday, Apr. 09:   @ Centerville HS,  CENTERVILLE  -  5:00PM

Friday, Apr. 12:@ West Carrollton HS,   WEST CARROLLTON HS - 5:30PM

Monday, Apr. 15:   Northmont HS,  @   Studebaker Field - 5:00PM

Tuesday, Apr. 16:@ Northmont HS,  Northmont High School  -  5:00PM

Thursday, Apr. 18:@ Troy HS,     TROY MEMORIAL STADIUM - 5:00PM

Monday, Apr. 22:   @ Beavercreek HS,  Beavercreek High School - 5:00PM

Tuesday, Apr. 23:Beavercreek HS,   @   Studebaker Field  - 5:00PM

Thursday, Apr. 25:Brookville HS,  @   Studebaker Field   - 5:00PM

Friday ,  Apr. 26:@ Sidney HS,  Sidney High School - 5:00PM

Monday, Apr. 29:  Springfield HS,  @   Studebaker Field  - 5:00PM

Tuesday, Apr. 30: @ Springfield HS,  Springfield HS - 5:00PM

Friday, May 03: Springboro HS,  @   Studebaker Field  - 5:00PM

Saturday, May 04: DH TRI Fairborn Wilmington, @  Studebaker Field - 11:00AM

Monday, May 06:   @ Fairmont HS, Fairmont High School - 5:00PM

Tuesday, May 07:  Fairmont  HS,    @  Studebaker Field  - 5:00PM

Thursday, May 09: @ Piqua HS,  Piqua High School - 5:00PM

Friday, May 10:Butler HS, BUTLER HIGH SCHOOL- 5:00PM

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